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Supercharge business communications with Unecast

Unecast is a 360° Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) that helps you boost customer engagement marketing with omnichannel messaging features.

"Gartner predicts that by 2025, 95% of global enterprises will utilize API-enabled CPaaS offerings to uplevel their digital competitiveness"

Solution Overview


Contact Management

We help you in organizing and maintaining information about your customers. This includes creating detailed customer profiles and segmenting your audience for targeted marketing and communications.


Pre-built Plugins

One click integrations with various platforms like WooCommerce and WHMCS, with our prebuilt plugins for similar customer use case.


Campaign Management

Personalized campaigns, scheduled messages, and automations like birthday wishes are all powerful tools that can be used together to create a more engaging and effective marketing strategy with Unecast Campaign Manager.


3rd-party Integrations

We make it easier for developers to leverage unrestricted access to both REST API and SMPP for building innovative applications.

Use cases

We empower developers to build creative applications and integrate Unecast into a diverse set of messaging workflows across various industries.

Customer Engagement

Transactional messages

Marketing and promotions

Customer support

Business Operations

Lead generation

Alerts and notifications

Internal communication

Other Use Cases

3rd-party integrations

Verification and authentication

Customer Success Stories

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Your questions answered

Common questions

Omnichannel campaign management refers to the coordinated planning, execution, and analysis of marketing campaigns across multiple channels. It ensures a seamless and consistent experience for customers across various touchpoints, such as SMS, email, social media, and more.

Omnichannel campaigns ensure that messaging, branding, and customer experience remain consistent across all channels. This consistency helps in building a strong and unified brand image, fostering trust among customers.

Programmable messaging software enables businesses to automate and personalize their communication with customers through various channels like SMS, chat, and social media. It often involves the use of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to integrate messaging capabilities into existing systems and applications.

Programmable messaging allows businesses to create automated, interactive, and personalized messages tailored to individual customer preferences. This increases engagement by delivering relevant content through the customer’s preferred communication channels.

Programmable messaging enables businesses to send timely and relevant messages, facilitating real-time interactions. This responsiveness enhances customer experience by providing the information customers need when they need it, leading to increased satisfaction.

Virtually any industry that engages with customers can benefit, including retail, e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and more. These tools are adaptable to different sectors, helping businesses connect with their audience effectively.

We’re looking forward to work with partners who can take our products and services to a wider business audience. If you’re interested in teaming up with us, please contact us at [email protected].

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