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Send programmable text messages globally

Achieve the highest SMS conversation rates for HQ and Wholesale Routes anywhere in the world on a single SMPP / REST API and enjoy all the benefits of a reliable industry-leading platform.


From login codes to critical notifications, our SMS API powers to most important interactions between businesses and their customers.


Boost your login and activation rates by sending messages that arrive to your customer handsets instantly.


Optimize your marketing conversions for cost, by using economical routes at global wholesale rates.


Process critical alerts and notifications with minimal latency the moment the respective events occur.

SMS Routing

SMS messaging routes, such as wholesale, HQ (High Quality), and premium, refer to different pathways through which text messages are transmitted. Each route has its characteristics and is suitable for specific use cases. Here's an overview:

Premium Route

Premium SMS routes ensure a top-notch delivery quality with 95%+ conversion rate (CR) and reliability, offering additional features like custom sender IDs. Despite premium costs, they are selected for mission-critical alerts, secure transactions, and services requiring top-tier features. Businesses prioritize premium SMS routes for utmost quality, security, and advanced messaging features.

HQ Route

HQ (High Quality) SMS routes prioritize superior delivery with 85%+ conversion rate (CR) and reliability, ensuring enhanced quality and reduced latency. Despite higher costs, they are ideal for time-sensitive and critical alerts where top-tier quality matters. Businesses choose HQ routes when prioritizing quality and swift delivery over cost efficiency.

Wholesale Route

Wholesale SMS routes are budget-friendly for bulk messaging, offering a lower cost per message. This route is ideal for non-critical scenarios, where your client's requirement is on the cost effectiveness. While the delivery rates may be slightly lower than the HQ routes, it offers a practical solution for bulk campaigns. Wholesale route comes with a promising 70%+ conversion rate (CR).

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We help our international partners by offering diverse routing services for distributing SMS traffic from tier-1 brands to local mobile network carriers.


Explore the features and integrations.

Custom SMPP / API integration

Experience the convenience of integrated communication with our user-friendly SMPP and API solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Delivery tracking

Stay informed and in control with our comprehensive delivery tracking features, designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your SMS campaigns.

SMS scheduling

Schedule SMS messages to be sent at the most effective times, ensuring that your audience receives communications when they are most likely to engage.


Enhance overall effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns by fostering user trust, personalization, and targeted communication.

SMS Sender ID

Maintaining  a branded Sender ID helps recipients identify the sender easily, fostering trust and increasing the likelihood of engagement.

SMS Routing

Offering flexibility, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to tailor message delivery to specific needs and regulations while ensuring successful and optimized SMS communication.

Your questions answered

Common questions

An SMS Gateway is a platform enabling the sending and receiving of SMS messages via a web interface or API. It acts as a bridge between telecommunication networks by receiving, processing, and delivering messages from applications or websites to recipients through mobile networks.

Some benefits include quick and reliable message delivery, the ability to reach a large audience simultaneously, integration with applications and systems, and real-time monitoring and reporting.

Integration can be done through the provided API. The API documentation, usually available on the website, guides you on how to send and receive messages programmatically.

You can send various types of messages, including promotional SMS, transactional SMS, alerts, notifications, and two-factor authentication messages.

At Bloomwire, we maintain multiple routes and partnerships with telecom providers to ensure high message delivery rates. Additionally, the delivery reports via SMPP, API and Portal provide insights into the status of messages sent.

The cost structure varies and is often based on factors like the number of messages sent, message type (promotional or transactional), and the destination country. If you are looking for pricing, kindly drop us an inquiry.

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with esteemed global partners to broaden the scope of our products and services and enhance the overall business community. If you are interested in partnering with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.



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